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Koolair at CLIM’15 in Casablanca


Koolair recently participated in the 4th International Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration and Ventilation Trade Fair held in Casablanca.

On this occasion, our colleagues Othman Gahiri from Koolair Morocco and Sofiane Jaabiri from Koolair MENA were present for the first time.

The company spent time on many activities over the very productive four days of the fair, but the most noteworthy event was the energy efficiency conference.




 Koolair at ISH 2015

For the first time ever, Koolair was present at the Frankfurt ISH 2015 show for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Because this is an international event, we received visitors from every continent, most notably from the European countries, North Africa, Midland and South America, among others.

The items displayed at the stand included the selection software demos for the K3D, quick selection tables and Komfortair-water, which were particularly well received.

In summary, ISH 2015 was a tremendous experience that has allowed us to further strengthen our brand outside Spain.



Success at Climatización 2015

  We sincerely thank everyone who visited us at Climatización 2015 and showed interest in our new products and in the items on exhibit at our stand.

The innovations presented were the KTF filtration ceiling, the DF-47-Narrow slot nozzle, the S90-GV variable-geometry diffuser and our product libraries for BIM (Building Informational Modelling).
The congratulations we received during the show for our work, professionalism and commitment simply encourage us to continue growing even more.

Additionally, this year we received more visitors compared to previous shows.

Thank you to everyone!



New Technical selection guide


Using its Quick selection tables as the basis, Koolair has now published a new Technical Selection Guide.

A publication with our updated product range that, in addition to describing the technical data of each product, includes installation and reference photos.

Click the picture. (Also available in Spanish, French, German & Portuguese)








BIM - Building Information Modelling. Koolair products are now available for download in Revit CAD format


An increasing number of projects are executed using a design approach based on the BIM (Building Information Modelling) software. In keeping with recent trends, Koolair has been working to offer its products in Revit-supported file formats.

A Revit file is a 3D product model that includes detailed information on the product’s technical parameters (sound level, pressure drop, etc.). All Koolair products calculated and designed in Revit can be downloaded directly into the project design for a building.

Click on the image to download the Koolair Revit libraries.



Koolair “Silver Sponsor” of ASHRAE’s Regional Conference


The ASHRAE Chapters Regional Convention (CRC) for the Region At Large (RAL) is scheduled to be held in Madrid for the first time between September 19 and 21, 2014, and will be sponsored by Koolair.

The agreement was signed on April 3 at the ASHRAE Spain Chapter head office by Enrique Yotti, Chair of ASHRAE Spain Chapter and CRC General Chair, and by Mónica del Fresno, Technical and Commercial Director of Koolair.



New brochure - We blend with the surroundings


Koolair has issued a new brochure where it shows some examples of how we integrate design and functionality in different environments with our innovative air diffusion products.

Click the picture. (Also available in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese & Dutch)




Quick selection tables – NEW VERSION NOW AVAILABLE



To compliment our recently developed selection software our Quick selection tables are now web based and are available for users to access online.

Available in four languages with a new design and interface the quick selection tables are a simple, fast and effective way to check the technical data of our air diffusion products.

Click here for access.



Koolair Steel and Aluminium product range

Koolair introduces the current range of steel and aluminium products grouped by product types which includes an image and a brief description.

A quick and easy guide demonstrating the multiple solutions that Koolair offer to satisfy our customers needs.

Click the picture. (Also available in Spanish, French & German)




Koolair launches Komfortair 3D

Thanks to their development and research capabilities, Koolair, S.A., one of the leading air diffusion manufacturers, has now created a 3D KOMFORTAIR Software package.

This is the ultimate tool that enables our valued customers access to the wide selection of Koolair's air diffusion products.



VAV units in TITANIC BELFAST project

Koolair have supplied VAV units on the iconic Titanic Belfast project in Northern Ireland.

The 86 KSL VAV Units supplied include an additional attenuated casing section behind the damper to improve its acoustic performance which was a key element in meeting the customer's specific project requirements.



Fire dampers CE marking

Koolair have been authorised to utilise the CE marking system on its SF series of fire dampers.

This complies with the construction of products directive 89/106/EEC, that came into force on the the 1st of September 2012.

Therefore, all our SF series fire damper models SFR2K1, SFR2-GT, SFK-3GT, SFR4, SFC2K1, SFC2K & SFC4 comply with European Legislation, mandatory requirements.



Koolair publishes a new corporate magazine

Koolair's new corporate magazine displays its background as well as its new facilities, with a strong focus on the latest robotized manufacturing technologies and on Research and Innovation. A new room that has been set up in the Air-Water Products Lab and a furnace for testing new models of Fire Dampers has been commissioned.
The new publication concludes with reports on reference projects completed in Spain and abroad.

Click on the picture to access its contents.



New constant air volume products

Koolair launches a new generation of constant air volume products: RCCK and RCQK constant air volume regulators and KSV boxes.

Constant Air Regulators RCCK (circular) and RCQK (rectangular) are control devices that operate independently of pressure with no external power supply.

KSV boxes work without an external power supply. They can be used as expansion boxes in high and mediumspeed and automatic control systems.




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