Thermo adjustables. DF-TR

The temperature-adjustable diffuser DF-TR KOOLAIR brand includes a thermal element that expands or contracts as the temperature varies and triggers a mechanism that causes air to be supplied horizontally when cooling and vertically when heating. The air jet is completely horizontal when the supply temperature is below 22º C, and totally vertical when the supply…


Fire and smoke dampers UL Approval. FSD-FLD

The Koolair’s FSD-B-U and FSD-A-U models are 3V type multi-blade fire and smoke dampers approved according to UL standards (UL555 and UL555S).
Fire dampers close automatically to prevent fire and smoke from spreading to adjacent fire compartments through HVAC ventilation ductwork.

Intumescent air transfer grilles. LV

Koolair’s LV intumescent grilles are used to compartmentalise zones in the event of a fire or high temperature gases. The LV grilles contain an intumescent material that expands in the event of fire to seal the ventilation duct in accordance with BS 476:Part 20 and 22 and UNE-EN 1634-1:2000. There are two models in the…

Smoke evacuation damper. SCDC

Smoke evacuation damper, KOOLAIR, model SCDC, is composed of a single body of heatresistant material, with steel flanges on either side.

Certified according to EN 1366-10, classified according to EN 13501-4; EI 120 (ved i <-> o) S 1500 AA multi.

Round end dampers. BDK

Koolair’s BDK circular terminal fire dampers are approved with respect to RPC305, according to EN 15650 and according to testing standard UNE-EN 1366-2. The round end dampers are installed inside the round ducts in the wall pass-through to prevent fire propagation. BDK-60: Circular terminal fire dampers with 60 min fire integrity and isolation and smoke…

Circular fire dampers. SCFC-GD

Circular fire dampers, KOOLAIR, model SCFC-GD, S/UNE-EN 1366-2:2000. Circular fire damper class:

For sizes from Ø 200 to Ø 630 mm EI-180 (ho i ↔ o) S (500 Pa) or ceiling/floor slab.
For sizes from Ø 200 to Ø 800 mm EI-180 (ve i ↔ o) S (500 Pa) for wall.

Motor-driven fire damper monitoring systems

KOOLCOM is an electronic control system for fire dampers that allows the condition and functionality of each fire damper to be periodically and automatically monitored and checked. It can also close the dampers should the fire alarm be activated. While this system is capable of being managed by a BMS (Building Management System) system, KOOLCOM…

Stamped square diffusers. 52-FR-4 Stamp

Square diffuser model 52-FR-4 Stamp, KOOLAIR, air discharge in four directions. The free opening must be 150 mm more than the nominal dimension, except for the diffuser with a nominal dimension of 500 which must have a free opening of 130 mm. In addition, a diffuser with a nominal dimension of 300 will require an opening…